110 USCG Cutter Project Overview

November 13, 2017

110 USCG Cutter Project Overview

      We have covered areas of this project in previous posts such as the LRAD-1000x installation and the installation of the Transas Navi Sailor 4000 onto the  radar arch, but we have decided to follow up and take a better look at some of the Electronics and Communication Systems that were refitted while we were on board both the Grande Isle and Key Biscayne.

    These two boats presented unique and new challenges for us as a company coming from the recreational boating community and systems we have had experience with for years to commercial grade equipment and systems. Being able to work with the USCG and the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency we were able to meet and learn from guys who have had experience using these systems during military operations.

Pakistan Maritime Security Agency

       "The 110 ft (34 m) Island-class patrol boats are a U.S. Coast Guard modification of a highly successful British-designed patrol boat. With excellent range and seakeeping capabilities, the Island class, all named after U.S. islands, replaced the older 95 ft (29 m) Cape-class cutters. These cutters are equipped with advanced electronics and navigation equipment and are used in support of the Coast Guard's maritime homeland security, migrant interdiction, drug interdiction, defense operations, fisheries Enforcement, and search and rescue missions."[1]

Grand Isle

     "When the Grande Isle entered Baltimore in 2011 it was estimated to require 1.6 million dollars in repairs, nonetheless large scale repairs were required, which took more time, and costs ended up being around $2.7 million USD."[2]

   "In 2016 the Grand Isle was passed on to the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency under the Office of International Acquisition’s Excess Defense Articles (EDA) Program, together with sister ship Key Biscayne."[3]

 Lets look at the new Transas NaviSailor 4000 ECDIS navigation system we installed on both the Grande Isle and Key Biscayne

Transas Navi Sailor 4000 ECDIS

 Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) is a navigation information system that displays full positional information from navigation sensors on electronic navigational charts. The system is designed to assist the officer in charge of the navigational watch (OOW) in route planning and monitoring.

     Paperless navigation charts have been the bread and butter of ship navigation for centuries, but with the IMO mandate for ECDIS on board and the capabilities of the ECDIS system ocean going vessels such as oil tankers and container ships are transitioning from paper charts.

  Some of the main benefits of the ECDIS are:

  •  The ability to quickly download electronic charts
  •  Route Planning with Speed and Accuracy
  •  Constant position monitoring
  •  Anti Grounding alarms and settings

Transas ECDIS

  Key Biscayne Transas System Diagram

 In addition to the Transas ECDIS system we added a FLIR-M618 Thermal imaging camera to the mast head so operator can see further than ever before, even in the dead of night. This Camera is able to detect a human being from ~4000 Ft or 1.2 KM away and be able to detect vessels from 2.4 miles away or 3.9 km away. The M618 is completely weatherproof, gyrostabilized, Joystick controlled and no bigger NFL football!FLIR Joystick with FLIR Display/ Transas Display

Testing this unit out was awesome, we were probably just over a mile away and could zoom right into the offices of the Exelon building with ease.

FLIR ImageFLIR Image


Along with learning the new commercial system these projects gave the opportunity  to climb the radar arch versus winched up with a boson chair to install various components, antennas and wires coming from the bridge.

Climbing Radar Arch

Installing Transas Radar

Installing VHF antenna


[1]: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/ship/wpb-110.htm

[2]: https://goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com/2011/12/22/wheres-the-grand-isle-been-we-got-the-pics-from-gloucesters-cutter-rebuild-at-the-coast-guards-baltimore-yard/


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