KVH System Repairs

September 18, 2018

KVH System Repairs

     KVH Industries is a industry leader in SATCOM and satellite T.V solutions for both commercial and leisure vessels. Offering a range of products to meet the demands of any ship, yacht or vessel. KVH has the most reliable products and networks in today's market, and are constantly working to develop new products that bring more stability to networks with a wider range of operation at faster speeds. Two of these new products are the new KVH TracPhone V7-HTS and the TracPhone LTE-1. 


   The Tracphone V7-HTS has a maximum download speed of 10 Mbps and an upload speed of 3 Mbps operating or the Ku-band giving a seamless worldwide coverage. The LTE-1 gives a longer range offshore for your LTE devices. 

   With the reliability that the customers of KVH demand of their products KVH has also built one the the best service networks in the industry. Standing behind their products and getting service to where ever that might be. With that being said Marine Electric Systems is glad to be apart of that service network! We have KVH master techs on our team ready to handle any troubleshooting, repairs or full system installs on the wide range of products offered by KVH. 


Having Tier 3 master techs, we have traveled the east coast to different ports to meet vessels that need repairs. We conduct the repairs as efficient as we can to get systems and communications back on line. Having a close relationship with KVH allows us to get parts and support for any issues that arise.