House Battery Swap: Moody 54

May 10, 2017

House Battery Swap: Moody 54

Recent project on a 54 Moody swapping out house batteries, going from 12-2 volt gel batteries to 8-6 volt Lifeline L16 AGM's.

 .                         Removing old 2v House Batteries

The advantage of getting rid of the single bank with 2v batteries in series is the added redundancy you gain if one battery goes bad. Having two house banks of 24v In parallel gives you an alternative for power in case a failure occurs in one of your banks. 


Fabricating starboard cleats and hold downs, along with wire loom and neoprene boots over all connections to maintain ABYC standards.



A Blue Seas RBS(Remote Battery Switch) was also installed. On the previous setup the battery switch was approximently 35 feet from the batteries. 

    ABYC A battery switch shall be mounted in a readily accessible location as close as practicable to the battery.

In boats larger than 30 feet it is not always possible to mount a battery switch as readily accessible and close to the batteries as needed. That's where a remote battery switch comes in handy when your options for accessible mounting locations is limited. Benefits of an remote battery switch result in cost savings because there is no need for long runs of large-diameter wire. Increased safety because the control is moved away from the probable source of fire. The cost of installing a remote battery switch is often comparable to the cost of installing a mechanical battery switch in a readily accessible location when the cost of large diameter wire is considered.