Hylas 54: Watt & Sea Hydro Generator

July 07, 2017

Hylas 54: Watt & Sea Hydro Generator

A hydro generator allows you to seize the energy your sailboat produces while being driven by the wind. Watt & Sea cruising series Hydro generators are now available in 300W & 600W, 610mm & 970mm 

  •  3 knots will generate enough power for lights and safety systems
  • 5 knots will generate power sufficient to run on-board electronics (pilot, computer   electronics)
  • 6-7 knots powers remaining systems (refrigeration, water, etc.)
  • 12V/24V auto-detecting converter
  • 3 different sized propeller options so you can maximize power while minimizing drag specifically for your boat

The Watt & Sea mounts directly to the back of your transom and has the ability to be put into an up position for stowing. Some Improvements from past models include better hydro-dynamics and the slimming of the unit itself by about 4lbs, along with better corrosion resistance.

The unit itself starts up at 3 knots , 5 knots produces 120watts (10A - 12V; 5A -24V), 8 knots produces 500watts (40A - 12V; 20A - 24V)

The price of the Watt and Sea starts from $3600 which compares to the price of a a lower end diesel generator. The Watt and Sea installation is also easier to complete, gives constant charging while your vessel is underway, uses no diesel and it makes no noise.