Lithionics Battery Install on a Lagoon 450

April 10, 2019

Lithionics Battery Install on a Lagoon 450

Lagoon 450 S/V “Remedy” got a massive upgrade before their circumnavigation. This lithionics battery conversion consisted of two 570 ah batteries, and their BMS systems for each battery. As well as 6-330w solar panels totaling almost 2000kw of charging! A new Victron inverter/charger and sterling chargers for engine batteries. And of course, a whole new dc distribution system as well as a cleanup of the components we retained. A lot of long days and coordination with Ocean Planet Energy and Victron Energy to make it happen. 

Before picture of customers old battery bank

Picture of the nee Lithionics Battery Bank 

Picture of the finished system with new Lithionics Battery bank and Victron Solar Regulators