System Monitoring

System Monitoring 1Ensure smooth sailing with Marine Electric Systems, LLC! We install comprehensive system monitoring devices to keep your boat and its battery banks in tip-top shape. Our team has the expertise and technical skills necessary to fix any electrical issues on your vessel. We prioritize your safety with attentive service, a detailed work ethic, and top-quality components. To learn more about the benefits of battery monitoring, please give us a call!

The Importance of Battery Monitoring

Our battery monitoring systems are crucial! Before you set sail, it’s important to confirm that your electrical system is complete and prepared for the journey ahead. To receive a well-rounded understanding of the battery’s condition, we measure its state-of-charge (SOC). This is accomplished using several components to read the battery voltage and amps in/out. Some of the components and methods used to find a battery’s (SOC) include:


Amp Hour Meter

DC Shunt

Impedance Based Meter

System Monitoring 2The voltmeter takes an accurate reading of the battery voltage, but is susceptible to voltage variation throughout the day. The battery must remain at rest for 24 hours before an accurate (SOC) can be determined with a voltmeter. The Amp Hour Meter is used in conjunction with a DC shunt. It counts the rate and time of the current flow to provide a real time indication of (SOC) and can be used with all battery types. The impedance-based meter measures the internal resistance to determine the state of charge. Balmar’s new Smartgauge uses the impedance and voltage reading and to indicate the state-of-charge of most battery types.

There are many variables that can negatively affect an accurate state-of-charge reading. The installation methods and precise locations of sensing wires and shunts play a vital role in battery monitoring. A well designed battery monitoring system will extend your time on the water and the life of your battery.

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