Installation Requirements and Concerns

With our qualified technicians, installation is a breeze! Lithium ion batteries are flexible and hassle-free, encouraging a seamless transition for your new system. We adhere to a series of strict installation methods and best practices to protect your boat from catastrophic failures. First, we determine the best location for your new lithium batteries. Several important factors including, distance to chargers and loads, temperature, and usable space. Then we determine the best battery size, and layout. Lithium ion batteries can be installed in series, parallel, or series parallel. Finally, we determine the necessary cable size and install the required circuit protection for your system.

In every installation the battery must be connected to a Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS monitors and protects the battery from damage. A properly designed BMS will provide battery voltage, charge and discharge rates, temperature and an accurate State of Charge (SOC).

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