Shore Power

Fuel your boat with shore power from Marine Electric Systems! Shore power is a convenient source of electrical energy for recreational boats. Our team will guide you through the plug-in process and educate you on the benefits of shore power. We specialize in top-notch electrical services that take your boat to the next level. For the past 30 years, we’ve supported the Annapolis community with attentive customer care, high-quality products, and convenience services. Our team is committed to excellence and always goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Ready to learn more about the impact of shore power? Contact us today!

Defining “Shore Power”

What is “Shore Power” and why is it significant? Shore power refers to the electrical power source located at the marina. Customers can connect their boat to the AC plug and power their boat’s lights, heating, cooling, and other auxiliary features. The circuit breaker must be turned on while powering your boat but turned off before you unplug the system.

Cords and Inlets

Hubbell and Marinco are the leading manufacturers for the charging technology. They’ve produced high-quality cords and inlets to simplify the charging process and enhance convenience for all customers. However, it’s important to frequently monitor your charging equipment to ensure it’s up to date. Worn and overused equipment can experience corrosion, sparking dangerous boat fires. To prevent potential hazards, these manufacturers introduced two preventative systems: the EEl System and the SmartPlug.

How to Prioritize Shore Power Safety

Shore power is an excellent source of energy for recreational boaters. However, it’s important to be diligent and cautious while operating the complex equipment. The following guidelines will keep you safe from hazards and minimize potential risks:

  • When you disconnect the cord, thoroughly check the equipment for discoloration. If symptoms are present, refrain from plugging back in and contact our team immediately.
  • Check on your boat regularly, especially if it has been plugged in for a long period of time.
  • Perform frequent maintenance on all charging equipment and electrical components.
  • Monitor the blades of your plug and check for signs of corrosion.

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