The Importance of Marine Battery Maintenance

The Importance of Marine Battery Maintenance marine electric systems

Taking the time to do proper boat battery maintenance ensures your boat functions properly.

Taking care of your batteries is an often overlooked part of boat maintenance. It’s easy to remember to fuel up your boat or clean up the deck, but what about the crucial electrical system that helps your vessel cruise on the open water? Taking the time to do proper boat battery maintenance can help ensure smooth boating experiences, extend the battery’s life, and reduce the time and money you spend on repairs. Keep reading for more tips on boat battery maintenance.

Choose the Proper Battery

A great way to ensure your boat performs well is to ensure that you are using the correct battery. There are deep-cycle models, starting or cranking variants, and dual-purpose batteries. Consider what best suits your boat and your needs, then get the appropriate boat battery. Once you’ve installed the battery, make a note of the installation date. This will help you easily remember the age of the battery, making replacing it due to old age easier.

Storing Your Marine Battery

If you aren’t using your boat for a while, make sure you store it properly. Improper storage can cause issues severe enough to require buying a new battery. Before you store your marine battery, be sure to give it a thorough cleaning. If possible, keep it somewhere dry and temperature-controlled. Also, you should ensure it is fully charged before putting the battery away. These easy steps make a difference when you go to use the boat battery for the first time.

Check the Battery Charge

Another important maintenance step is to check the charge on the battery to make sure you are not storing a battery with a partial charge. A partially charged battery will die early on over the winter. If the battery is not fully charged you’ll want to make sure that you top it off and then keep an eye on it during the offseason. When charging your battery, be sure there is proper ventilation and never leave the battery unattended. 

Clean Your Battery

Cleaning your marine battery prevents corrosion and reduces discharge rates. The best way to do so is to make sure the battery is completely disconnected and far away from the boat. With warm water and baking soda, clean the battery casing and terminals with a wire cleaning brush. Once all of the dirt and corrosion are removed, wipe away the baking soda and dirt with a clean towel, ensuring the battery and the terminals are completely dry. Dirt is a conductor that can easily increase the battery’s rate of self-discharge, so make sure you don’t miss a spot.

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