What Goes into a Marine Electrical Refit?

What Goes into a Marine Electrical Refit? marine electric systems

At Marine Electric Systems, we specialize in electrical refits for offshore cruising, and our team adheres to all ABYC and NMEA standards.

Thinking about upgrading your marine electronics can be daunting. The cost, time, and effort involved should not be taken lightly. Some refits are unavoidable, such as in cases of lightning strikes, equipment failures, and age. But generally, upgrades keep you in line with the trends, allowing you to correct issues or shortcomings of outdated technology. Adding the latest piece of tech will help not only with fishing and navigation but also potentially upgrade your audio-video systems as well. At Marine Electric Systems, we specialize in electrical refits for offshore cruising, and our team adheres to all ABYC and NMEA standards. Keep reading to learn more about marine electrical refits.

Refit or Upgrade?

A worst-case scenario, such as a lightning strike or fire, will typically demand you evaluate and replace electrical elements on your boat. This is very different than an upgrade. You should change all equipment necessary to safely operate the vessel when an accident occurs, including the associated wiring and power supplies. A professional analysis of your vessel’s condition is required to determine how extensive the damage is. Any compromised equipment should be replaced to be sure you’re back in good shape. If your boat is getting on in years and you notice some essential equipment deteriorating, it is good to schedule a refit to install newer electronics.

The Refit Process

At Marine Electric Systems, our electrical refits transform an outdated system and improve its efficiency. No two boats are the same, and we treat every project with careful attention to detail.

First, we evaluate all electrical system components and design a new system to meet your requirements. We carefully remove the outdated elements, then find the best locations and layout for the latest electronics. Our goal is to transform your boat while keeping its aesthetic and factory designs intact. In many cases, we will renovate the infrastructure to ensure a seamless transition to the new system. We cater each refit to your specific boat, and we match the aesthetic of all the materials.

Understanding ABYC and NMEA Standards

Your safety is the top priority, and we always strictly follow industry regulations. Our team follows all guidelines set by the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) and the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA). ABYC sets the standards for electrical refitting services, while the NMEA focuses on safe and efficient electronic installations. Our team stays up to date with the latest advancements in the industry and any changes to the regulations. 

Marine Electric Systems, LLC is a Leader In the Maritime Industry

We here at Marine Electric Systems have over 30 years of industry experience. You can trust our team for reliable service and expert craftsmanship in the Maryland, Baltimore, Annapolis, and Baltimore city areas! We’re highly certified and adhere to all ABYC and NMEA regulations. We specialize in top-notch electrical solutions for recreational, commercial, and government boating clients. Anything from electrical refits, to navigation systems, or boating maintenance. To stay up to date on our services, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also contact us at 410-263-0807.

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