Why You Need a High Output Alternator

Why You Need a High Output Alternator marine electric systems

A high output alternator significantly improves the electrical power on board.

A highly worthwhile electrical project you can perform on your boat to improve comfort and convenience is installing a high output alternator. A high output alternator is a charging solution with reliable longevity. It pairs perfectly with lithium-ion batteries and offers several benefits for your boat. Having a high output alternator provides a significant improvement in the electrical power on board. This will lead to improved safety, better performing electronics, better lighting, and the ability to run multiple high-consumption devices at once. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of high output alternators.

Powers All Your Electronics

Most standard alternators are designed to keep your starting battery charged, not to run multiple electronics. A high-output alternator addresses the increased electrical loads from all the added devices, such as radios, refrigerators, and lighting systems. All this additional technology can put a lot of stress on your boat’s energy demands. Adding a 100 Amp high output alternator could double or even triple the available power on board and substantially reduce engine running time. 

Efficient Charging

When you invest in a high output alternator, it benefits your boat’s electrical system greatly. High output alternators provide fast and efficient charging of your battery banks. They’re perfect for lithium-ion batteries or boats equipped for an off-grid lifestyle. They also provide peace of mind by reducing charge times and maximizing efficiency. Our team highly recommends investing in a high output alternator and a programmable regulator to meet the charging requirements of your batteries.

What is a Regulator?

A voltage regulator is a critical component of the charging system, especially if you have large battery banks or are charging at anchor. A regulator brings on alternator power gradually. It also helps prevent the engine from stalling if you frequently charge while idle. This is particularly important for small engines since big alternators represent a significant load. In addition, alternators generate a significant amount of heat, which could lead to premature electrical failure. In ­some cases, thermal sensors are integrated with the voltage regulator to reduce output from the alternator after reaching a specific temperature.

Marine Electric Systems is the best team for the job for quality and attentive installation! We value your experience and always go the extra mile to ensure optimal performance onboard. Our charging solutions are comprehensive and include a wide range of energy sources. To learn more about high output alternators, please contact us today!

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