4 Benefits of Marine Solar Power

4 Benefits of Marine Solar Power marine electric systems

Solar panels built specifically for marine use are a great source of backup power when out on the water.

Solar panels built specifically for marine use are a great source of backup power when out on the water. Solar panels recharge your boat’s batteries and keep your appliances running without needing to buy gas for a separate generator. Marine solar panels are still relatively new to the market, but there are plenty of options to choose from since they are typically easy to install. Let’s go over the benefits of solar power on your boat.

Saves Money in the Long Run

Without solar panels on your boat, you need to keep your engine running so you can use your lights and other appliances. You will likely run down your boat’s battery without turning on your engine. However, keeping your engine running all day means you need gas which can be very expensive. With solar panels, you don’t need to purchase anything else once your solar panels are installed. Compared with powering your boat with gas, solar panels save you much more money. In the long run, you will only need to pay maintenance fees.


Additionally, solar panels are an excellent option for environmentally conscious boaters. The energy generated by your solar panels does not harm the environment because they emit no carbon into the atmosphere. So you can get the best of electricity while also knowing you are doing your part to save the planet.


As you sail the sea, you will have to endure the extremes of weather elements. Some days, you will have to sail through heavy rains, high winds, and the hot Sun. Just like your boat is designed to withstand the elements, your marine solar panels can as well. Even in the most extreme conditions, solar panels can withstand damage.

Adequate Source of Power

There is a popular misconception that solar energy is not as powerful as today’s traditional energy sources. That is not true. In reality, solar power has evolved over the years. Today, it has proven itself a worthy opponent of traditional non-renewable energy in terms of power and cost. As long you have the right panels to deliver the electricity requirement of your boat, solar energy will show you wonders. You can power your electronics while anchored offshore without fear of being stranded by a dead battery. Solar panels are also great for reducing fuel costs since you don’t need to keep the motor running to charge the battery or to run the appliances.

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