4 Essential Electronics to Have on Your Boat

4 Essential Electronics to Have on Your Boat marine electric system

Figuring out what tools you need starts with considering how you want to spend your time on the water.

In the marine electronics industry, things evolve rapidly, with some outstanding advancements coming out multiple times a year. There is a range of electronics for vessels of every size divided into different categories, such as navigation, communication, safety, and entertainment. Figuring out what tools you need starts with considering how you want to spend your time on the water and what kind of boat you own. Here are some essential marine electronics every boater should have onboard.


A Chartplotter shows digitized charts and allows you to navigate on an LCD screen. You can view your exact location with different routes and waypoints to help you navigate. Most GPS/chart plotters with radar can superimpose their radar picture directly on top of the navigation chart. This gives you a real-time view of nearby boating traffic and other objects around you. 

Multifunctional Displays (MFDs)

Multifunctional displays, also known as MFDs, bring in almost every system at one point and in one interface with a touchpad or a keypad control. Most modern MFDs are easy to operate and are helpful for beginners. It uses screens similar to your smartphone. The home screen has different pages and app-like icons to select functions and customize the pages for combining many functions in a split-screen mode. If you buy a new boat with the latest technology, you will find the MFDs controlling the marine electronics and the boat’s electrical system. 

Depth Finder/Fish Finder

Fish finders or depth finders use sound to locate fish under the water. As you can probably guess, these tools are an angler’s best friend and can help you catch more fish if used correctly. Each fish finder is different, so you’ll want to get familiar with your device’s user interface and settings, including everything from zoom and range to color pallets, sensitivity, and screen brightness.

VHF Radio

A VHF radio is one of the essential devices every boat owner should own. It is an important piece of a boat’s electronics kit regarding safety. In an emergency, your VHF radio is your most reliable way of communicating with local law enforcement or the U.S. Coast Guard. They are simple to operate and can fit with your other electronics or you can mount in on the wall. For any boater, the VHF radio is the most critical item onboard for communication. The digital selective calling feature of the radio allows the transmission to inform the authorities about your location.

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