Electric Windlass: Why You Need One

Electric Windlass: Why You Need One marine electric systems

Releasing your anchor and picking it back up again can be a real pain in the neck.

Releasing your anchor and picking it back up again can be a real pain in the neck. And if you have tried to weigh anchor manually, you know precisely how difficult it can be. Luckily, there are electrical windlasses to make your life easier. However, it can be confusing to determine which windlass is suitable for you and how much power you will need. Keep reading to learn more about the power of an electric windlass. 

What is a Windlass?

A windlass is a device that acts as a winch for moving heavy objects. Windlass devices on boats are often used for anchors or sail lines on a sailboat. The windlass grasps the anchor line to pull it out of the water. It also places the anchor rode on or below the deck, so you don’t have to. 

A horizontal windlass has a wheel,  gearbox, and motor on the deck. It also usually has a line that goes into the front of the device, passes around the pulley, and through the bottom. 

The Types of Windlasses

The two types of windlasses are the horizontal windlass and the vertical capstan. While they both control the anchor, the shaft of a horizontal windlass is horizontal. This means it will take up more room on your deck. On the other hand, the post of a capstan is vertical. This means you will have much more space on your boat because the motor and gearbox are below the deck. 

How Much Power Does a Windlass Need?

The amperage of an electric windlass depends on its max load versus working load and voltage. Most of these devices will generally draw between 35-200 amps. Your boat engine might not effectively charge the batteries as you are using it. Since these devices draw a lot of power, most boaters install a separate battery bank for their electronics and windlass systems. This way, you’re not relying solely on the engine battery. A sufficient battery setup allows you to feel confident that your windlass has the amps to weigh anchor and get you sailing with no trouble.

At Marine Electric Systems, our team provides a wide range of windlass options and performs attentive installation to improve your boat’s functionality. Due to our years of expertise, we offer insightful advice for maintaining your windlass system. Reach out to us today for all your electrical needs!

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