Solar Power: Is it Right for Your Vessel?

is solar power right for your vessel? marine electric systems

Solar power has redefined the maritime industry, creating a sustainable and more efficient system for your boat.

Solar power has increasingly become a popular choice for alternative energy. It is a natural, renewable resource that puts much fewer pollutants into the atmosphere. It has redefined the maritime industry, creating a sustainable and more efficient system for your boat. We here at Marine Electrical Systems have decades of experience in installing and maintaining marine solar power systems. Here are some of the benefits of using solar power on your boat.

What is Marine Solar Power?

Solar power is the conversion of sunlight to electricity. Marine solar panel systems include a collection of solar cells that work together to provide enough power to supply electricity. One of the most popular uses of marine solar panels is to restore the boat’s batteries or store the energy as a backup if a battery runs out of power. Solar panels are versatile and can be placed in different areas around the boat without creating an obstacle.

Benefits of Solar Power

Solar power offers many advantages in the maritime industry and for the environment as a whole. Solar energy is considerably more affordable to produce than electricity being produced by a fuel-powered generator. Using solar panels on your boat will significantly reduce energy costs. Additionally, solar panels are much quieter than traditional generators, which helps cut down noise and distractions. Unlike turbines or generators, solar panels require very little maintenance; they only require periodic cleaning. Solar panels will continuously recharge the batteries, even when you are not on the boat. A charge controller will automatically disconnect the supply when the batteries are at full charge.

Types of Solar Panels

There are three main types of solar panels: glass fronted, polycarbonate, and fully flexible panels. Depending on your boat and the energy it requires, every kind of solar panel serves a different purpose.

Glass Fronted: Come in two types: polycrystalline and monocrystalline. Polycrystalline is more affordable, but they have lower energy conversion efficiencies. They are also larger and do not function well in hot weather. Monocrystalline is more expensive, but they are very efficient and are smaller. These panels are more effective in hot weather and on cloudy days.

Polycarbonate: These are quite expensive because they use polycrystalline technology. However, they are more flexible and can be fixed with a silicone adhesive, and can be walked over. 

Fully Flexible Panels: These panels are restricted to using amorphous technology only, similar to the solar power found in calculators. They are very affordable, although they are less efficient as well.

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