Types of Marine Solar Panels

Types of Marine Solar Panels marine electric systems

Let’s explore everything there is to know about marine solar panels.

Sailing is an incredible experience that everyone should enjoy. However, to enjoy the extraordinary adventure that comes with it, you need some power. Although your boat has a battery, it will run out of power if you don’t keep the engine running.

Considering how expensive gas and batteries can be, most boat owners have resorted to using solar energy to power their vessels. Solar is a better option as it is an affordable, safe, and clean source of energy. Let’s explore everything there is to know about marine solar panels and which panels to use for your boat.

Why Should You Use Marine Solar Panels?

Boats use a lot of energy to power the engine, keep navigation equipment on, and power radio systems. Solar panels provide the energy to carry out these tasks and maintain your boat’s battery when it is idle. In either circumstance, your battery will never run out of energy. 

Solar panels are quieter than gas-powered generators and don’t produce excess heat that makes sitting in a boat with a gas generator uncomfortable on hot days. You can install solar panels on any size boat. For smaller vessels, your solar panels’ primary job is keeping the battery fully charged for your boat’s electricity. For larger boats, they can reduce the need to use the engine for excess power. 

The Different Types of Marine Solar Panels

Solar panels come in different shapes and sizes. The popular misconception is that the size of the panels determines their energy production. However, the type of solar cells in the panels plays a major role in converting energy. Here are the types of solar cells that are commonly used in boats.  

Amorphous Solar Panels

Amorphous solar panels are the least efficient of all solar panels, but their efficiency has started to improve thanks to new technology. Despite their low energy conversion efficiency, amorphous solar panels have some unique advantages over other solar panels. You can install them on curved surfaces and they also perform well even in poor lighting conditions.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

These solar panels are made from multiple tiny fragments of silicon. These tiny pieces are melted together to form a single panel. Generally speaking, polycrystalline solar panels are very efficient in energy conversion. However, they are not as powerful as monocrystalline solar panels. So, they cost more than amorphous solar panels but are not as expensive as monocrystalline panels.   

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Monocrystalline cells are the oldest and most powerful type of solar panel. They are rigid panels made from a single crystal of silicon. This type of solar panel is a premium option and the most efficient at keeping charged while you’re on the water or hanging out at the dock.

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