The Importance of AIS


The Importance of AIS marine electric systems

AIS is one the most helpful piece of safety equipment you can have on the water today.

Marine safety is always a top priority when sailing on the water. It is crucial that you have the necessary navigation equipment onboard to ensure your safety in case of an emergency. AIS is one the most helpful piece of safety equipment you can have on the water today. This technology has evolved from a simple navigational tool designed to improve safety at sea to the backbone of a global ship tracking network. Let’s go over the importance of using AIS on your boat.

What is AIS?

Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a system that provides real-time information such as tracking and monitoring for ships and other marine vessels designed to improve maritime safety. This system is comprised of transponders fitted into your boat that use short wave VHF radio signals to broadcast the vessel’s position. 

How Does AIS Work?

Automatic Identification Systems functions primarily by using GPS coordinates and communicating in real-time with ships and maritime authorities by using radio transmissions. AIS can send all kinds of information about your boat, including the ship’s positions, make and model, position, course, speed, and other relevant information.

Benefits of AIS

AIS offers many benefits in terms of traffic monitoring and emergency assistance. Boating enthusiasts and maritime authorities alike rely on this system to provide additional information gathered from other radars for tracking locations and is used to detect and avoid vessel collisions. AIS can be found in hundreds of thousands of vessels around the world. It can also be used to monitor marine traffic and improve safety. It has also been proven to be vital in accident investigation and emergency rescue operations.

Do I Need AIS on My Vessel?

If you own a passenger vessel or any ship over 300 tons, you are required to have AIS on board at all times. If you operate a smaller craft, you are not required to use the system. But due to the low price of some transponders and the fact that many places do not require a license, many boat owners often voluntarily choose to install it. Having this system on board is essential in increasing a boat’s visibility at sea and could end up saving your life.

Bottom Line

AIS is one of the most valuable pieces of marine navigation equipment. It is essential to maritime safety and can help reduce accidents. Even if you aren’t required to, installing necessary equipment such as GPS and AIS is a good idea. For more information about marine electronics reach out to us today!

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