Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Boat

Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Boat marine electric systems

Spending some time on regular maintenance mid-season can help your boat last for years to come.

Now that the weather is getting cooler, people are spending less time out on the water. So, it is a great time to do some preventive maintenance on your boat to prepare it for the winter season. Like all vehicles, boats need regular upkeep to ensure quality performance on the water season after season. Spending some time on regular maintenance mid-season can help your boat last for years to come. Here are some fall maintenance tips for your boat.

Keep Your Boat Clean

A simple task that many boat owners overlook is regularly keeping their boats clean. Just because it sits in the water all day does not mean it is clean! Ships are exposed to various elements because of their life on the water. Routinely washing your boat with fresh water lets you keep its outer hull protected and is especially important if you boat on saltwater. Use fresh water, specifically formulated boat soap, a soft-bristle brush, and boat wax to clean your boat of any harmful residues and preserve its finish.

Maintain Your Battery

Marine batteries are the life source of all the electronics on your boat. Marine batteries can last years if properly maintained. Be sure that the battery is secured before every trip and firmly mounted to the boat. Immediately after use, recharge your battery fully to reduce the risk of harmful deposit buildup. Do not let your battery sit idle and cold in storage during the off-season; otherwise, their life span may be at least a little shorter once summer comes. Store your batteries in a separate, temperature-controlled location only after you have cleaned them of any corrosion.

Change the Oil

Another important factor of boat maintenance is making sure your oil is changed regularly, just like you would with a car. This is very important for your engine, so do not neglect it if you want your engine to always run correctly. Changing your boat’s engine oil and filter regularly keeps all parts of the engine lubricated and the internal temperature from rising above a safe level. If you happen to find a leak, get it repaired immediately to prevent further damage and keep toxins out of the water.

Inspect the Propeller

It can be easy to neglect your boat propeller since it stays under the water the whole time. However, your propeller needs to be inspected regularly because any dents, scratches, or marks can hinder performance, increase fuel costs, and cause internal damage. Remove the entire propeller a few times per season to remove any built-up debris from the shaft and add the proper lubrication.

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