The Importance of an Isolation Transformer

The Importance of an Isolation Transformer marine electric systems

One of the things you should have is a marine isolation transformer.

A boat transformer could quite literally save a life. But many people don’t realize what a boat transformer is or why it’s essential. One of the potential hazards of boating is electrical shock. Additionally, stray electrical currents in the water lead to galvanic corrosion, damaging your boat’s electrical equipment. One of the things you should have is a marine isolation transformer. Let’s go over the importance of having one of these devices onboard.

What Is an Isolation Transformer? 

An isolation transformer serves many purposes. It prevents your boat from sending an unintended electric current into the surrounding water, protects against galvanic corrosion, and protects you and your electronics from reversed polarity and shore voltage fluctuations. Put simply, boat transformers can save you money, protect your safety, and protect the lives of swimmers nearby. 

How Do Isolation Transformers Work?

Boat transformers transform the marina’s unpredictable AC shore power into a clean onboard power source. The transformer physically disconnects the wiring in the boat from the shore power. Having your own onboard power prevents a leaking current from exiting your boat and finding a path through the water. Instead, if a leaking current does occur, it goes back to the transformer, where it can’t cause a shock in the water. 

Do I Need An Isolation Transformer?

While an isolation transformer is not required on boats, it is beneficial for several reasons. First, it protects you and your passengers from electrical shock. If there is an electrical fault in the shore power supply, an isolation transformer prevents that fault from being transmitted to your boat’s electrical system, reducing the risk of electrocution.

Also, an isolation transformer protects your electrical equipment from damage caused by corrosion. When two dissimilar metals are in contact with each other in the water, they can create an electrical current that can corrode the metal. An isolation transformer can prevent corrosion by separating your boat’s electrical system from the shore power supply.

Galvanic Isolator vs. Isolation Transformer

A galvanic isolator is great for boaters who don’t have room for or can’t afford an isolation transformer. Galvanic isolators are much smaller and lighter, and they’re also more affordable. 

But galvanic isolators don’t have all the bells and whistles that isolation transformers have. Essentially, they protect your boat from stray DC currents going over the AC grounding circuit. By doing this, they protect your boat from corrosion caused by DC currents. An isolating transformer performs the task of a galvanic isolator and many other functions.

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