Tips for Preventative Maintenance for Your Boat

Tips for Preventative Maintenance for Your Boat marine electric systems

Sometimes, missed maintenance and bad breaks are all it takes, but you can help keep your boat on the water with preventative maintenance.

Whether you frequent rivers, lakes, or open seas, your attention to detail and regular maintenance will help you enjoy your boat for many years. Most boat maintenance tasks are easy to learn and perform on your own. However, major repairs should be taken care of by a professional. Missed maintenance and bad breaks are all it takes sometimes, but luckily for your vessel, you can help keep your boat on the water with some preventative maintenance. Keep reading to learn more.

Store Your Boat Properly

Prepping your boat for storage is a vital part of maintenance. You should take precautions to avoid exposing your boat’s components to elements like UV rays, moisture, and snow or ice. Some options for storing your boat include:

  • Outdoor dry storage: A fitted boat cover is essential for proper outdoor storage when opting for dry boat storage outside. 
  • Indoor boat storage: If available, indoor storage is the optimal choice. Before storing your boat, you should cover the boat to avoid dust and debris.
  • Wet slip storage: Many large boats are stored on the water on a wet slip. Cover your boat before storage, and consider using a deicer to bring warmer water to the surface and prevent ice damage.

Have a Maintenance Log

You can buy a maintenance log at a marine equipment store, but you can just as easily use a regular notebook. Regardless of how you set up your maintenance log, all maintenance and repair activities need to be recorded with a date, what equipment was replaced or repaired, and any servicing that was done. A well-written maintenance log is essential when troubleshooting problems, briefing equipment technicians, ordering parts, evaluating system performance, and if you ever have to sell your boat.

Set Up a Maintenance Schedule

Once you have researched and written out your schedule, the implementation will go much smoother. Go through each piece of equipment on the boat individually and look for required or recommended maintenance. Most maintenance schedules can be broken down into weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Some equipment like engines and generators, may require professional maintenance.

Call the Professionals

A crucial element in properly maintaining your craft is knowing when you can handle a situation and when it’s time to call a professional. There’s a good chance you’ll need to let a professional mechanic with years of boat maintenance experience help you with some of the more challenging issues. After all, a professional can address an issue and prevent it from becoming a serious problem.

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