4 Signs Your Boat Needs Repair or a Refit

4 Signs Your Boat Needs Repair or a Refit marine electric systems

When you notice a small issue before it becomes a huge problem, you can save time, money, and stress when your boat breaks down.

How do you know when your boat needs repair? Being a boat owner comes with a lot of benefits. But it doesn’t mean you can spend all your time sailing the open sea without a care in the world. Owning a boat comes with a significant responsibility to yourself and others, especially when it comes to keeping your boat maintained. When you notice a small issue before it becomes a huge problem, you can save yourself the time, money, and stress of getting stranded on the water when your boat breaks down. Keep reading to learn the signs that your ship needs repairing.


One very common warning sign that your boat needs service is feeling vibration coming off of your boat. Vibration is a sign that something is out of alignment or has been damaged at some point. The most common causes are a damaged propeller or damage to the strut underneath a boat with an inboard engine. These damaged or misaligned components can create unwanted vibrations throughout the rest of the boat. Due to age and gradual wear and tear, older vessels have a bit of vibration that will occur over a long period. Any vibration you feel should not be any stronger than your cell phone vibration. Anything stronger than that should be serviced as soon as possible.

Damaged Hull

Deteriorating deck cores, stringers, or bulkheads should be repaired by a professional. Serious damage or deterioration of a boat’s hull components needs careful evaluation as to whether it is worth the expense. If it’s a matter of repairing small chips during a refit of other components, you may be able to DIY this job. However, if it is a matter of replacing through-hull fittings, repairing large amounts of fiberglass damage, doing structural repairs, or repairing serious hull damage, you should hire a professional boat refit contractor.

Steering Issues

Whether you’re experiencing more resistance than usual or your wheel won’t turn, you need to pay attention if you notice a change in your boat’s steering. Sometimes, the fix is as simple as adding hydraulic fluid. If you add hydraulic fluid and the problem persists, it could signal a leak in the hydraulic fuel lines. If your boat does not steer at all, a few problems could be present. Your ship could have experienced a mechanical failure, or maybe there isn’t enough grease on the motor. There could also be corrosion on the steering cables or grease in the support tubes. No matter why, when your boat starts to have issues steering, you need to get it serviced by an experienced boat mechanic.

Loss of Power

A final warning sign is a loss of power in your engine. When sailing, if you notice that your boat is not accelerating or feels sluggish overall, your engine might need some service work. This could also be a sign of an issue with your fuel pump or just bad fuel. It’s best to keep an eye out for slow acceleration or an immediate drop in power as you accelerate.

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