What is My Marine Battery’s Life Expectancy?

What is My Marine Battery’s Life Expectancy? marine electric systems

We’ve compiled some pointers about what to expect from your marine battery.

Your battery may not be the fanciest part of your boat. But it’s one of the most critical for making things work as expected. That’s why no one wants to get ready to set sail only to find a dead battery. But what should boat owners expect when it comes to marine battery life expectancy? We’ve compiled some pointers about what to expect from your marine battery.

The Types of Marine Batteries

There are three types of boat batteries that cover the primary needs of boaters. The first is starting batteries. These batteries provide the quick, powerful bursts of energy required to start your boat’s motor. 

Next are house batteries. These power the typical electronics and systems on your boat, from navigation systems to appliances and gadgets that bring the comfort of home on the water. 

The last category is trolling batteries, which power the trolling motors that propel some vessels. All types of marine batteries can operate using a lead-acid design or a more modern, efficient lithium style. 

What is My Battery’s Life Expectancy?

A few factors play a significant role in your battery’s life expectancy, such as the type of battery and the condition and frequency of use. Marine battery lifespan depends on the number of charge cycles, and life expectancy will also depend on the use conditions.

A 12-volt marine starting battery will last you a while, depending on how you use it. These batteries are usually lead-acid and perform well at providing a quick burst of power and then immediately getting recharged by the engines.

Depending on their use, deep-cycle lead-acid house batteries usually last a few years. Even with heavy use, new lithium ion batteries can last more than twice as long than standard starting batteries. 

How Long Do Lithium Batteries Last?

The long lifespan of lithium batteries is one of their biggest benefits. When properly maintained, marine lithium batteries last from ten to twenty years or sometimes even longer. This is five to ten times longer than most lead-acid batteries, meaning you will buy fewer replacements and spend less time and money on installation and repair. 

Like any battery, its lifespan will depend on how often you use and charge it. Use in unsafe conditions or improper charging or care will result in a shortened battery lifespan. 

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