4 Benefits of MG Energy’s LFP Lithium Batteries

4 Benefits of MG Energy’s LFP Lithium Batteries marine electric systems

Replacing your lead-acid batteries with an LFP marine battery is the ultimate choice.

Lithium batteries give not just power needs but unrivaled performance as well. MG Energy’s robust 12 and 24-V batteries are based on Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry. These batteries are safe, reliable, and the technology of this chemistry results in a high energy density. In other words, replacing your lead-acid batteries with an LFP marine battery is the ultimate choice. Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of MG Energy’s premium lithium batteries.

Robust Design

The metal housing surrounding the battery makes it solid and impenetrable. In addition, the metal enclosure protects against EMC radiation. As a result, this Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is impact resistant and safe in operation. This will ensure your battery remains safe and functional throughout even the roughest of waters.

Compact and Lightweight

Thanks to its compact design, the LFP batteries are suitable for installations in small spaces. The next-generation Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry also results in a high energy density, reducing the weight substantially. Lithium batteries weigh up to 50% less than lead-acid batteries. This can make an even bigger difference if, for example, you’re assembling a bank with multiple batteries on a small vessel.

Longer Run Time

Unlike lead-acid batteries that fail in power delivery and die out at 50 percent capacity, lithium batteries deliver full power for the entire discharge cycle. With lithium batteries, however, your motor will stay strong for its entire discharge cycle and offer a much longer running time. MG Energy Batteries boast a cycle life of 3500 cycles at 80% depth-of-discharge, and roughly double that if you were only to cycle 50%! This means a much longer life for your battery; it will likely be the last battery you buy! 


Because lithium batteries provide full power throughout the discharge cycle, you need a reliable method for monitoring the state of charge. You can monitor and control your MG battery management system with your smartphone or tablet. Enable Bluetooth and download the MG Connect app to get insight into the battery status and energy consumption. You can also change settings, read-out events, and update the latest firmware.

Today’s lithium batteries are safe and provide many benefits for boaters worldwide. They far surpass the capabilities of conventional batteries in deep-cycle applications. Marine Electric Systems is now a Certified Installer and Distributor of MG Energy Systems Products.

If you are ready to switch to lithium batteries, contact us today!

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