Master LV: MG Energy’s Best Battery Management System

Master LV: MG Energy’s Best Battery Management System marine electric systems

MG Energy’s amazing Master LV BMS protects, monitors, and controls your battery system.

Lithium batteries pack a lot of power and value into their small size. The chemistry of these batteries is an essential part of their incredible performance. But high-quality lithium-ion batteries also require another important element: a battery management system (BMS). MG Energy’s amazing Master LV BMS protects, monitors, and controls your battery system. The Battery Management Controller is also safe, easy to use, and reliable. If you need a new battery management system, consider investing in MG Energy Systems!

The Master LV Preserves Your System

The main function of the Master LV is protecting the connected batteries. The internal BMS collects data and monitors essential battery parameters to preserve your system’s health. The BMS will always ensure that the parameters stay within a safe operating window. As a result, the Master LV guarantees safe and reliable operation. In addition, the system balances the cells of the battery installation, maximizing the capacity and increasing the battery cell lifetime. 

Creates System Redundancy

Another unique feature of the Master LV is its ability to create a redundant battery system. To achieve this, you must use the software and configure two or more Masters LV in “Combined mode.” The combined mode makes large and fully scalable storage systems, which creates redundancy in your battery bank. This ensures the battery system is always operational, guaranteeing maximum system reliability.  

Improves Safety

The Master LV is exclusively designed for low-voltage applications. It measures the voltage and temperatures of the connected battery modules and protects them against exceeding parameters. 

Protecting, monitoring, and controlling a battery system is crucial to creating a safe and reliable system. It is a good idea to have one or more battery management systems connected to the lithium-ion battery bank. The Master LV collects the data and keeps the installation at the highest safety level.

Bluetooth Capabilities

You can monitor and control the MG Master LV with your smartphone or tablet. The MG Connect app is available for download in the Play Store or App Store. The Connect App works fast and intuitively and provides direct insight into your system. With this app, you can monitor your battery systems remotely and view important battery parameters at a glance.

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