All About the Victron Lynx BMS and Lynx Distributor

All About the Victron Lynx BMS and Lynx Distributor marine electric systems

Victron’s line of Lynx products is sought after by marine enthusiasts everywhere.

Victron Energy is a leading distributor of lithium-ion batteries, battery management systems, solar panels, and more. Their line of Lynx products is sought after by marine enthusiasts everywhere. If you use lithium batteries, it is essential that you have an adequate battery management system to ensure your electronics are correctly functioning. The Lynx Smart BMS is a dedicated battery management system for Victron Lithium Batteries. Plus, Victron also carries the Lynx Distributor, which is used in conjunction with the Lynx Smart BMS. Let’s go over the features of both Victron products.

Lynx Smart BMS

Part of the Lynx Distribution system, the Lynx Smart BMS is the most feature rich and complete option. It comes with a built-in 500A contactor, which is used as a fall-back safety mechanism in case of an emergency. When running various marine electronics simultaneously, you want to make sure that the batteries don’t run out unexpectedly. The Lynx BMS Battery monitor indicates the state of charge percentage, so you always know the status of your batteries. Also, it comes equipped with a pre-alarm signal to warn you before the system shuts down for any reason.

Not only is the Lynx BMS powerful, but it is also incredibly convenient. This battery management system can communicate via Bluetooth with the VictronConnect app for setup and maintenance. You can also connect the Cerbo GX to monitor your battery management system for even more convenience remotely. 

Lynx Distributor

The Lynx Distributor is next in the line, which works directly with the Smart BMS. The purpose of this distributor is to monitor the status of each fuse and indicate its condition. When connected to a Lynx Smart BMS, up to four Lynx Distributors can send fuse status information to the Lynx battery management system. A blown fuse can spell disaster for the integrity of your electronic equipment. The Lynx Distributor is your first line of defense against faulty fuses. When a fuse blows, the red fuse LED will illuminate, the power LED will turn red, and an alarm message is sent to the Lynx Smart BMS.

Like the rest of the Victron products, the Lynx Distributor is Bluetooth compatible and controlled remotely. You can connect up to four distributors to the VictronConnect App and the Cerbo GX. You can monitor many system features, such as operational data, fuse status, charge level, and much more.

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