Increased Charging Power: WakeSpeed WS-500 Alternator Regulator

Increased Charging Power: WakeSpeed WS-500 Alternator Regulator marine electric systems

The Wakespeed WS-500 alternator regulator takes the frustration out of charging your marine batteries.

Lately, we have been discussing the best lithium-ion marine batteries currently on the market. And, the most powerful battery requires a powerful charger. Charging your batteries is necessary, but tedious, while away from the dock. Most boats achieve a large portion of this with alternators, which have traditionally been less-than-ideal in terms of charge control. However, the Wakespeed WS-500 alternator regulator takes the frustration out of charging your marine batteries. Keep reading to learn more about the features of the WS-500 regulator.

Charge Control

The biggest difference with the WS-500 over other systems is the data used to make charging decisions, including battery voltage, battery temperature, alternator temperature, and current. This results in a more predictable charging result, making it easier for you to prepare your equipment for long trips. This is the perfect solution for lithium-ion batteries, as you not only can configure the WS-500 using a PC for customization, but it also accurately drives the alternator using all of the gathered data so that you end up with a proper charge system.

Temperature Monitoring

The WS500 can also monitor alternator and battery temperatures and adjust the charging output to ensure optimal safety and charging performance at the alternator and batteries. This protects you and your equipment from potential electrical fires. When connected to a BMS system, the WS500 can receive critical voltage, current, and temperature data via the CAN J1939 pathway, reducing the need for external sensor connections. 

Computer Configuration

Some computer configurations may be required to finalize the installation of the WS500; however, it isn’t too complicated. The regulator comes with a USB port to connect to any computer or laptop. You can monitor and configure any aspect of the alternator regulator with a PC. No longer will you have to wrestle with tiny displays in cramped spaces when installing a battery charger. Wakespeed also offers a configuration guide with detailed instructions on programming the units and several templates for predefined configurations.

Other Features

Many other useful features of the Wakespeed WS-500 Alternator Regulator make it great for marine usage. These features include:

  • Utilizes both current and voltage to regulate charging
  • Compatible with 12V, 24V, 48V systems
  • CAN enabled for communicating with engine and battery BMS
  • Adjusts charging based on RPM 
  • Default profiles for 8 battery types including Lithionics can be configured via DIP switches
  • programmable with the OPE Tether

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