All About Victron Energy Smart Lithium-Ion Batteries

All About Victron Energy Smart Lithium-Ion Batteries

If you’re looking for a new brand of lithium batteries to use in your work or personal life, Victron Energy is a brand worth considering

As technology continues to advance, more companies are leaning towards lithium-ion batteries to power their products. Victron Energy is a Netherlands company that is a top competitor in the field. Their new Lithium-Ion batteries are often an ideal replacement for many 12V and 24V marine, automotive, RVs, work vans, and similar battery applications. If you’re looking for a new brand of lithium batteries to use in your work or personal life, Victron Energy is a brand worth considering. Keep reading to learn more.

Energy Efficient

In marine applications, energy efficiency is the top priority. There are many electronic elements on a seagoing vessel, and they all need consistent power to do their jobs. So, you need a reliable battery that will power your devices and ensure your safety on the water. Lithium-ion batteries have a higher round-trip energy efficiency than lead-acid batteries, which means a more consistent and quicker charge process. 


A marine battery has to be rugged and able to withstand the elements along with wear and tear. Lead-acid batteries are notorious for prematurely failing if they are not fully charged or left sitting for long periods. A lithium-ion battery does not need to be fully charged. In fact, service life even slightly improves in the case of partial charge instead of a full charge. This is a significant advantage of Li-Ion batteries compared to lead-acid batteries.

Bluetooth Capabilities

If you work in the maritime industry or just spend a lot of time on your boat, you could likely benefit from a little more convenience. With nothing but a smartphone, you can monitor the cell voltages, temperature, and other important information about your Victron Smart battery. These lithium-ion batteries come with Bluetooth capabilities that connect to the VictronConnect app. This app is handy to localize a potential problem, such as cell imbalance, fluctuating temperatures, or damage to the battery.

Charging Your Battery

The charger you choose for your marine battery is just as important as the battery itself. For Victron batteries, there is the Victron IP-65 Blue Smart Charger which is waterproof, Bluetooth compatible, and has a charging profile for lithium batteries. This particular charger connects directly to the battery and is meant for single-battery charging. It’s great for those with trolling motor applications or those with series connected battery systems. 


If you are ready to make the switch to lithium-ion batteries, it is worth looking into this innovative technology. We here at Marine Electric Systems are here for all our marine battery needs! Reach out today to learn more.

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