Lithionics® Batteries for Marine Usage

Lithionics® Batteries for Marine Usage marine electric systems

There are many different types of marine batteries out there, all with their own advantages and disadvantages

As you may already know, quality marine batteries are essential for ensuring your vessel will run at peak performance for as long as possible. There are many different types of marine batteries out there, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. This blog will discuss the Lithionics Battery®, the most advanced lithium-ion battery on the market right now. Whether you need a battery for your boat, trolling motor, or RV, you can not go wrong with a lithium-ion battery. Let’s go over the benefits of the Lithionics batteries for marine usage.

Energy Efficient

Boats come in many shapes and sizes, so marine batteries need to be just as versatile. Lithionics Battery’s lithium-ion battery system, along with their NeverDie® Battery Management System allows for a lightweight, long-lasting, and safe battery solution for your boat’s energy storage requirements. Battery sizes are available in several form factors to fit any sized battery compartments. 

Safe and Reliable

Lithionics Battery® uses a natural Lithium-ion iron phosphate chemistry in all batteries. In addition to a naturally safe chemical makeup, Lithionics Battery® includes an internal shutdown mechanism that separates the anode and cathode during thermal emergency events. This completely shuts down the thermal reaction, preventing any fire or explosions. In addition, all battery management system units come with a simple alternator disconnect circuit. The BMS will automatically shut off the alternator or any other sensitive charging devices before a high voltage cutoff, protecting the devices from a spike in voltage.

Improves Propulsion

Lithionics® batteries are known for their high-powered iron phosphate composition. As a result, these batteries are great for marine usage. Lithium battery systems can be used for marine trolling and propulsion applications, offering a continuous power delivery, lighter weight, and longer runtime than traditional lead-acid marine batteries.


In addition to their high-powered marine batteries, Lithionics® also offers an excellent battery management system (BMS) that allows for total flexibility. Due to its innovative design, a single external battery management system can monitor multiple batteries in a series or parallel connection. This will enable you to create a flexible system design and expand battery capacity in the future. With various battery module sizes and capacity options, Lithionics Battery® is bound to carry a selection of system configurations to meet your needs.

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