Battery Switches: Explaining the Basics

Battery Switches: Explaining the Basics marine electric systems

Blue Seas makes high-quality battery switches for marine use.

Marine battery switches are necessary, especially for all the boating enthusiasts out there. But even with this equipment, many boaters still do not understand the use of these devices while sailing on the water. A quality marine battery switch can keep your boating experience enjoyable and reduce annoying mishaps. Additionally, these tools can save you from being stuck alone in the water. Blue Seas, a manufacturer we have discussed before, makes high-quality battery switches for marine use. Let’s go over the basics of marine battery switches.

What is a Battery Switch?

A battery switch is a device that allows you to connect one battery to another without connecting any wires. A battery switch is a necessary piece of equipment that helps you control the marine battery. This equipment is vital if you are bringing a lot of electronic devices such as radios, fish finders, navigation equipment, etc. The acid and sulfates inside a battery are essential for its store power and charge. Not using the battery often can affect its performance. So it is recommended to switch batteries while on the water. Doing so will prevent one battery from being fully discharged.

Why You Need a Battery Switch

Battery switches play a significant role in helping you to control your marine battery power easily. The switch connects to the battery so that it can be turned on and off. This is effective for managing the overall control of your marine battery. These switches form an electric system that can connect and disconnect various electronics. You can quickly turn off the electrical connection in an emergency to avoid any accidents. Using the switches will help you to control your marine vessel better and use the battery connection properly.

About Blue Seas Battery Switches

The Blue Sea Systems Battery Switch Selector is excellent for professionals and amateurs. This marine battery switch provides a dependable power supply, which is helpful for long trips. Switching between batteries is convenient and uninterrupted due to its dual circuit technology. Obviously, this battery switch is also waterproof, which is a necessary trait for all types of marine electronics. There are several benefits of Blue Sea Systems’ dual switching technology:

  • Simple on/off switching –The Dual Circuit Battery Switch makes it possible to switch two battery banks simultaneously with one simple switch.
  • Reduces the chance of fully discharging both batteries
  • Protects house electronics from engine starting sags and spikes

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