Maretron Digital Switching– What You Need to Know

Maretron Digital Switching– What You Need to Know marine electric systems

If you want to upgrade to digital switching, here are some basics about the MPower system by Maretron.

As most boaters on the water are aware, digital switching systems are becoming more prevalent on modern boats. In fact, most saltwater boat manufacturers are already using digital switching on their latest projects. With all of the innovations in boating technology, refitting an older boat with a digital switching system has become much simpler thanks to some significant technological advances put out by Maretron. If you want to upgrade to digital switching, here are some basics about the MPower system by Maretron. Keep reading to learn more.

Easy Installation for all Boats

Boat builders and technical installers can appreciate the modular nature of the MPower system. It simplifies installation because of its uncluttered and integrated helm. To make things even easier for those DIY enthusiasts out there and professionals, Maretron provides a helpful online tool where you can choose systems that are compatible with the specific devices you are installing on your boat. Then, you can download the configuration files for each component and load them.

Benefits of Digital Switching

After installation, the digital switching systems can notify you of any issues before they become a more severe problem, which helps with regular boat maintenance, upkeep, and maritime safety. Boat owners can control a wide range of technology and electronics directly from the helm with systems like these, including pumps, generators, ventilation, heating and cooling systems, lights, radios, and more. Also, the MPower digital switching system from Maretron offers a scalable and highly flexible solution designed for vessels of all sizes. MPower systems can monitor and control onboard electronic systems and reset circuits onboard and remotely for most Maretron devices. A centralized NMEA 2000 makes it possible to use the MPower to communicate with all devices on board.

Bottom Line

Maretron has developed a line of products around a common goal to monitor and control your boat’s electrical systems, so you do not have to learn and memorize different ways to operate each piece of equipment. And because of its built-in alert system, you don’t have to sit and monitor the gauges in case you get an alarm or warning at the slightest indication of an issue. In other words, if you are looking to add a level of smart digital switching to your boat, the Maretron MPower digital switching system makes it easy to monitor onboard electrical systems and control them remotely.

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