Hylas 56

Project Description:

The Hylas 56 recently underwent an extensive electrical and electronics refit during the winter season.

The refit encompassed a complete DC rewiring, allowing us to relocate new lithium batteries and Victron chargers to the starboard side to address the previous port list issue. A substantial house battery bank consisting of over 1800AH of Epoch batteries was installed, complemented by a full suite of Victron equipment. Furthermore, a Startlink antenna was integrated, enabling customers to remotely monitor the Victron systems via VRM at all times.

In addition to the above, new Raymarine MFDs, a FLIR 300c camera, and the AR200 IP camera stabilization module were incorporated to interface with the Samsung TV. To fully utilize the expanded house bank capacity, Mabru DC air conditioners were installed in both the master and guest staterooms, ensuring uninterrupted operation through the night without the need to run the generator.

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