What is Marine Shore Power?

What is Marine Shore Power? marine electric systems

Marine shore power refers to the electrical power source located at the marina where you dock your vessel.

Marine vessels often require an electric power source to power the onboard electrical components while docked at a port or marina. Marine shore power refers to the electrical power source located at the marina where you dock your vessel. You can connect your boat to the AC plug and power the boat’s lights, heating, cooling, and other auxiliary features. Let’s go over what marine shore power is and why it is important. 

Basics of Marine Shore Power

Boats and yachts have various electrical systems and accessories that need to be properly powered and charged. It is essential to have accessible shore power at a marina to reduce fuel consumption when docked for long periods of time. You should never keep your boat’s engine running when docked overnight. Instead, you should find access to a safe and secure shore power connection to operate the appliances on board. The size of your boat determines the required amperage needed to power your devices, such as air conditioning, navigation systems, and cooking equipment. For example, mid-size boats under 40 feet typically use a 30-amp, 125V shore power connection that can provide enough power to support almost all the equipment onboard the vessel.

Why is Marine Shore Power Important?

The main reason for using shore power is that it reduces fuel consumption by turning off engines while docked. Shore power is also beneficial in eliminating air pollution that is associated with the consumption of diesel fuel. Cutting down on diesel fuel emissions positively impacts the environment and leads to better air quality around the marina.

 In addition, shutting off engines and giving your generators a break can increase longevity and aid in maintaining the boat’s electrical systems. The engine is one of the most expensive parts of your vessel. Maintaining your diesel engine is a significant expense. In addition to fuel costs, it increases maintenance costs to keep the engine running. By using a marine shore power system, you can minimize the engine maintenance expenses while enjoying the benefits of powering all of the amenities and equipment on board your vessel while at the dock.

Marine Shore Power Safety

While using shore power is fairly simple, it must be done correctly to prevent any dangerous accidents. You should never use a regular household extension cord because it can deteriorate, or over-heat leading to electrical shock or fires. Only use cords specifically designed for marine use. Also, make sure that you periodically check the power cords for cracks, cuts, bent plugs, discoloration, erosion of any part of the cord, and faulty locking rings.

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