The Importance of GPS on Your Boat

the importance of gps on your boat marine electric systems

Whether you have a single boat or multiple vessels, GPS trackers will be an excellent investment.

A GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a very beneficial tool to have on your boat. A quality GPS will protect your boat from theft, accurately track your position on the water, and can even save your location for reference. These systems can do much more than the GPS built into your phone or car. GPS trackers offer a variety of advantages for boat owners. Whether you have a single boat or multiple vessels, GPS trackers will be an excellent investment. Here are some of the benefits of GPS trackers on your boat.

Tracks Real Time Locations

The main purpose of a GPS is to send real time coordinates about the location of the system. When boats are in the water, the best way of knowing where they are is to use GPS. Other features include monitoring the speeds you were going, and it can track where you traveled and how long you stayed at a particular location. In addition to being a security device, this information can be used to log your favorite spots for fishing or diving without having to measure out and mark it on a map physically.

Protects Your Boat From Theft

It is crucial to have security measures in place to protect your boat from possible theft. A quality GPS can notify you if your boat has been moved without permission. This should help protect your boat from theft, especially if you have luxury vessels. You can also use your tracker to set a geofence to get real time notifications whenever the boat passes by the designated area. In case your boat is ever stolen, GPS will also help you recover your boat, including the passengers who may have been on it.

Other Features

Of course, GPS devices are designed to be waterproof, so they are perfect for maritime use. They also do much more than track latitude and longitude. For instance, the weather is a defining factor for sea travel, and some GPS units log weather data which you can use to plan your route. Other features might include:

  • WiFi capability for passing data to a phone or tablet.
  • CHIRP for fish-finding.
  • Even entertainment features like audiobook playback.

GPS tracking has evolved as it not only locates your vessel’s exact location. It can also notify you if boat maintenance is necessary to remember to take your boat to be serviced.

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