Marine Battery Maintenance Tips

marine battery maintenance tips marine electric systems

Your marine battery is a crucial part of your vessel. It powers your boat and all other electrical systems required to sail on the water safely

Your marine battery is a crucial part of your vessel. It powers your boat and all other electrical systems required to sail on the water safely. Since marine batteries are so helpful and valuable, they need to be maintained properly so they can last longer. Some marine batteries are marketed as “maintenance free,” but do not let that fool you; neglecting your battery can cause bigger problems down the line. Here are some easy tips for maintaining your marine batteries.

Monitor the Charge on Your Marine Battery

When your marine battery is used to power something, the charge level must be monitored to ensure you will not run out of power unexpectedly. Make sure your battery is fully charged when you store it away. A partially charged battery will die quickly once winter comes. If the battery is not fully charged, make sure you charge it up and then check it during the offseason. When charging your battery, ensure there is proper ventilation and do not leave it charging without supervision.

Let Your Battery Cool Off

Constantly charging and discharging your battery can cause it to overheat. It is best to let your battery “rest” and cool off between charging periods. Immediately using your battery after charging it can burn it out, rendering the battery incapable of performing correctly. Due to the high levels of heat generated during a recharging cycle, running your battery right after charging can cause grid corrosion, leading to complete battery failure. 

Clean the Batteries

Cleaning your marine battery is great for reducing corrosion. Use warm water and baking soda to clean the battery casing and terminals with a wire cleaning brush or even an old toothbrush. After removing all the dirt and corrosion, remove the baking soda and dirt with a clean towel, making sure the battery and terminals are completely dry. Moisture and dirt on the battery case can create a circuit between the terminals that will drain the battery.

Fill Your Battery with Water

Most marine batteries need to be filled with distilled water to keep them running properly. You need to periodically check that the water is at the correct level recommended by the battery manufacturer. Not filling the battery with the proper amount of water could result in a reduction of battery life.

No matter your plans for the season, taking proper care of your vessel and all its components will ensure your equipment will last for years to come.

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